The Jimmy Swift Band / Scientists of Sound El Mocambo, Toronto ON January 23

The Jimmy Swift Band / Scientists of Sound El Mocambo, Toronto ON January 23
The Jimmy Swift Band, or JSB as they are commonly called, delivered an intense, powerful and dynamic performance at Toronto's legendary El Mocambo for their DVD-release party. The show got started when Scientists of Sound took the stage in their white rabbit costumes complete with masks and face paint.

Made up of two members from JSB, they rocked the stage with their blend of electronic, rock, jam and techno. Various effects were used, which resulted in many interesting sounds including the vocals sounding like a moose being put through a garbage disposal at times.

As the people came milling in from outside, the ones already inside were busting a move to the upbeat show. After a half-hour set, Scientists of Sound packed up and the wait for JSB began.

By this point the place was packed and most people were pretty wasted so when JSB took the stage, the crowd were more than enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm was not in vain however, and JSB put on a strong and passionate performance. The first song was instrumental and the crowd were bopping along to the electronically-tinged rock.

By the second song the techno had kicked in to the point where the electronic was more than overpowering the rock. And when lead singer Craig Mercer burst into song the crowd went crazy and the bopping turned into an all-out dance party which lasted until the end of the night.

Most people inside the Elmo seemed to be very familiar with JSB and when the band played their hits, almost everyone was singing right along with them. It was a mixture of old and new and they played a few songs from their upcoming CD due out in spring 2009.

The band and audience fed off of each other throughout the night making for many dramatic and climactic points. It was high-intensity and JSB never let their energy level drop. By the end of the show the crowd were throwing their arms in the air and you could tell by the dance moves that all inhibitions had been lost. The encore lasted for a half-hour and it was clear that JSB have live shows like no other.