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Jimmy Eat WorldClarity
Bleed American might be Jimmy Eat World's best-known record, but 1999's Clarity is the one on which the Mesa, AZ band found their sound, and according to most fans, it's the band's defining statement.

That's a fair assessment; later albums had some better songs, perhaps, but Clarity is the most consistent, as the band explore myriad ideas and fully realize them all. "Table For Glasses" is a pensive opener, providing context for the more pop-oriented, upbeat "Lucky Denver Mint," while songs like "Believe in What You Want" and "For Me This is Heaven" show the band finding the perfect balance between both.

This 180 gram vinyl reissue, on clear wax, has been a long time coming. This is the first time since the album was first released that a vinyl version has been widely available, and it sounds incredible. If you discovered Jimmy Eat World with Bleed American or later, now's the time to invest in their back catalogue. If you're already familiar and have a preference for vinyl, this one's a no-brainer. (Capitol)
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