Jim O'Rourke Rolls Out New Collaborative Album with Oren Ambarchi

Jim O'Rourke Rolls Out New Collaborative Album with Oren Ambarchi
If there are two things we know about experimental music mastermind Jim O'Rourke, it's that he loves collaborating with other artists, and that he releases an ass load of records. Following recent releases with Cristoph Heemann, Merzbow and his Old News series, O'Rourke is back at it again. This time it's another release with longtime collaborator Oren Ambarchi.

While the musicians have worked together in the past on remixes or as part of a trio with Keiji Haino, the upcoming Indeed is their first work as a duo. A press release explains that the album is "one long electro-acoustic exploration" split up conveniently for vinyl as two, side-long experiences. The piece is said to be an approachable slice of post-minimalism in the vein of Alvin Curran, David Behrman and Luciano Cilio, mixing deep sonic textures with melodic personality. You can apparently expect sequences of "electro-acoustic crunch" flowing into amber waves of synth.

Continuing their musical partnership, Indeed "sounds like the music that two guys who have honed their skills through years of composition, pop songwriting and rigorous improvisation make when they're having fun in the studio."

Editions Mego releases Indeed on LP on June 21 and you can pre-order it now.


1. "Indeed A"
2. "Indeed B"