Jim King When The Blues Are Green

Jim King is obsessed by Peter Green, and although the subject matter has been seemingly done to death (1995’s Rattlesnake Guitar: The Music Of Peter Green and Gary Moore’s Blues For Greeny, from the same year), King presents a convincing 52-minute labour of love in a sparse trio/quartet format, offering a purity of tone and true soulfulness that complements Green’s fluid, haunting style without attempting to copy it. King seems able to channel the Green God on tracks such as "Fool No More” and "Love That Burns,” achieving a purity of tone that subtly and consistently burns across the disc’s entirety. King’s vocals affect a range encompassing the ragged rasp of Eric Burdon ("Rollin’ Man”) to the impassioned pleading of B.B. King ("Need Your Love So Bad”), but at other times they can fail him, betraying the overall effect. All in all, King’s blues are green, and then some. (Slideaway)