Jim James and M. Ward's New Project: a Crème Brûlée Blog

Jim James and M. Ward's New Project: a Crème Brûlée Blog
Both Jim James and M. Ward are men of many talents. Not only do the pair collaborate in the Monsters of Folk, but James is the frontman of My Morning Jacket, and M. Ward is the male half of She & Him (as well as a respected solo artist). Now, the songwriters have embarked upon a new project: a food blog.

Entitled The Crème-Brû-Log, the site is entirely devoted to their love of crème brûlée. The sub-header on the blog says that it is "an online resource for critique and tastings of crème brûlée from around the world!" Um, okay.

While The Daily Swarm only uncovered this site today (February 7), the musicians actually started it a month ago. There have been three posts in total, all of which were written in January. It's bizarre stuff, especially the two entries by Jim James, which are food reviews that read like surreal short stories.

The post from January 13 is below:

i am in a forest of cream. my feet sink into sopping wet puddles of deliciousness with every step forward…all around me are trees of sugared caramel all covered in sweet lace burnt amber leaves…i see a volcano explode from afar-at first i am frozen with terror but then i remember that i am a magic child and i have the ability to freeze the lava flames and turn them into sugar! i walk across the creamy forest up to the frozen lava flame and crack off a piece, popping it onto my tongue- sublime! i notice at the bottom of the sugar flame a melted pool of caramel connects it to the earth…i dip my finger in for a taste and i am at the county fair now eating the greatest caramel apple on a stick- perfection! i notice two hummingbirds sitting on the shoulders of a younger mark twain as he licks the caramel off the bottom of his brulee… and for the first time the idea of huckleberry finn pops into his mind and he smiles with the knowledge of future success. he notices me and holds up his brulee in a "cheers" gesture- which i return- thrusting my brulee high into the air in mutual celebration. ladies and gentleman we have found the standard to which all brulee shall be held up to and judged against- the fabulous creation of pastry chef angela reynolds at nashville's miel restaurant.

Go here to check out the rest of the musicians' food reviews, and go here to read up on Miel Restaurant (the crème brûlée costs $9, if you were wondering).

This is amusing stuff, but we can't help but wish that Jim James would focus on finishing the new My Morning Jacket record instead of writing short fiction about how much he loves custard-based dessert.