Jigsore Terror World End Carnage

With a name that immediately brings to mind Carcass, it’s no surprise that the tunes here have a slightly Carcass vibe to them as well. We’re talking old Carcass here, as Sweden’s Jigsore Terror play mainly short blasts of grindcore with a nice mix of fast and faster tempos, not-too-deep vocals and some almost memorable, simplistic, punked-out riffs. With 15 songs in 35 minutes, it’s a recipe for a good grinding time. A nice, clear production helps too, and although no one player is incredible at what they do, the band gels together very nicely, making this a solid and enjoyable listen, even if the ground it treads upon has become fairly infertile due to overpopulation, excessive problems with sewage control, and far too much public drunkenness and subsequent reckless vomiting. (Listenable)