Jib Kidder Teaspoon To The Ocean

Jib KidderTeaspoon To The Ocean
Sean Schuster-Craig, aka Jib Kidder, has spent the last decade exploring variations of layering sounds, using different artistic mediums to document the experience of dreaming. Unlike his previous efforts, Teaspoon To The Ocean finds the enigmatic visionary taking bigger leaps on this 11-song mindbender, making his twang-y guitar jams strangely vivid, as intricate collage/sampling further punctuates the expansive dreamscape illustrated in these deeply evocative tracks. "Remove A Tooth" starts the album off with a brush of Craig's lucid, double-down vocals whistling through a melee of drums and throbbing reverb. On "Appetite," Craig reunites with long-time friend Julia Holter for an acid-tapped country duet, before shifting into jazz-infused psychedelia on "The Waves," a swirly offering that ripples into the slow-burning "Situations Of Love." Both songs find Craig in deep reflection over his lost love. "Melt Me" is a new age detour that amplifies the neurosis triggered throughout the album, which concludes with "Wild Wind," a glossy freak-folk number that's easy to get lost in.
Teaspoon To The Ocean's all-encompassing aura takes you through Craig's master class of dream exploration fairly quickly, but even in the midst of all the trippy goodness, his thoughtful testaments manage to shine through track to track, giving poignant, detailed expression to the anxiety that plagues his deepest thoughts. (Weird World)