Jib Kidder Library Catalog Music Series: Music for Hypnotized Minds

Similar to how Madlib was given the keys to the Blue Note vaults for his Shades Of Blue album in 2003, bedroom producer Sean Schuster-Craig (also known as Jib Kidder) was given all of Asthmatic Kitty's catalogue to use as source material for the 11th instalment in the consistently fabulous Library Catalog Music Series. Thankfully, this California audio/visual artist is not another Girl Talk-style, conspicuous mash-up catastrophe who winks-and-nods as much as he cut-and-pastes. Music for Hypnotized Minds is not just a bunch of Sufjan Stevens, Jookabox, Rafter and Fol Chen micro-samples thrown together in an obvious, yet seizure-inducing, fashion. Using only rudimentary studio effects, a Technics 1200 turntable and, of course, splicing, Kidder's compositions are smooth and focused, yet dreamlike. Music for Hypnotized Minds lands somewhere between the glitch-hop of Prefuse 73 and samplexotica of Daedelus on the aural scale. Rather than playing to diminishing attention spans, the album sets moods and rewards repeat listening, revealing a taste and sophistication beyond Jib's years. Expect to see his next album get a regular release on a significant indie label. (Asthmatic Kitty)