Jian Ghomeshi Drops $55 Million Lawsuit Against CBC

Jian Ghomeshi Drops $55 Million Lawsuit Against CBC
As if things couldn't get any worse for disgraced former CBC radio personality Jian Ghomeshi, the onetime host of Q has now withdrawn his $55 million lawsuit against the CBC. What's more, he has to foot the bill himself.

CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson revealed that the two parties' lawyers have come to an agreement. "The suit is being withdrawn with costs in favour of CBC," he announced. "He's getting nothing."

Ghomeshi now has to pay $18,000 in legal fees to the CBC.

The agreement hasn't been formalized in court, but that's expected to happen soon. Meanwhile, Ghomeshi's previously filed union grievance against the CBC is still active for the time being.

Ghomeshi filed the $55 million suit shortly after being fired, citing defamation and breach of trust. The CBC responded by urging a court to dismiss the claim, saying that the suit was "without merit and an abuse of the court's process."

Since news of Ghomeshi's firing emerged, nine women have come forward to say that the radio host had sexually and physically abused them. While Ghomeshi argued that the encounters were all consensual, the women have said otherwise. He has promised to meet the allegations "directly," but he has yet to do so, and a police investigation is underway.