The Jezabels Dark Storm

Dark Storm is a fitting title for the Jezabels' third EP. The titular opening track begins darkly, working its way into a sinister burst of startling vocals that conjure up memories of ripped jeans and Alanis Morissette saying the F-word on the Grammy's. Despite solid potential for rock'n'roll, the track verges on adult contemporary by the time it hits the chorus. Still, the album would be the most badass thing on FM radio. The first words on "Mace Spray" want to scream Chrissie Hynde but never commit, although the lyrics are striking and believable. Lead vocalist Hayley Mary has a beautiful voice, jumping between sensitive songstress and unleashed inner-rebel, a juxtaposition that comes off more like an identity crisis than versatility. "Sahara Mahala" is an album highlight and "Little Piece" would be if not for the overexerted soprano. (Waterfront)