Jets The Jets E.P.

JetsThe Jets E.P.
The collaborative electronic LP — that bastion of creative one-upmanship and unexpected delights — has come into its own in the last few years with the North American electronic invasion. While some producers rely on guests to stay relevant or attempt to remain as genre-unspecific as humanly possible (I'm looking straight at you, Diplo), the union of producers Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar is as natural and fruitful as fries and gravy, and is possibly the best electronic release of the year so far. Both considerable producers in their own right, Jets are irrefutable proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Machinedrum's trademark skittish drum programming and deep bass are a dream alongside Edgar's synth magic and sampled vocal tics. Tracks such as the intoxicating "Sin Love With You" contain dreamy vocal harmonies reminiscent of Japanese wunderkind Cornelius and the euphoric breakdown of "Lock Lock Key" is the most intense feeling of frisson I've felt in a long time. The only negative thing about The Jets E.P. is that it's over too soon. This is highly recommended. (Leisure System)