Jetenderpaul Presents The Modal Lines

Jetenderpaul is not the sort of name that produces a whole lot of recognition from people, even those who try to search out the weird and wonderful. Yet they have already got to their third album whilst remaining in relative obscurity. Presents The Modal Lines is a rich, varied album that likes to stray off the beaten path, yet manages to stay listenable. They share a similar sound to Olivia Tremor Control, but they manage to keep the psychedelic weirdness under control. The most bizarre thing about the album is the strange song titles, most of which seem to have little to do with the actual song. The album is wonderfully under-produced, with some songs sounding incredibly messy but in the best possible way. Much of that comes from having so many things going on at one time, musically, with lots of vocal harmonies, percussion and fuzzy guitars dominating the songs. But that isn't even close to summing up the cornucopia of noise you'll hear on Presents The Modal Lines, because variety seems to be the key here. You can't help but think if Jetenderpaul had some kind of connection, no matter how vague, to the Elephant 6 group, then this would be getting a whole lot of press and even more praise heaped upon it. As it is, Presents The Modal Lines will end up being one of those hidden gems that never gets the exposure it deserves. (Burnt Toast)