Jesu Readies Heart Ache/Dethroned Double EP

Jesu Readies <i>Heart Ache</i>/<i>Dethroned</i> Double EP
As we recently found out in our Timeline, experimental metal man-about-town Justin K. Broadrick has been busy working on his next Jesu full-length and exploring his electronic side with Pale Sketcher. While we don't have any info on the Jesu album just yet, we are happy to report a double EP on the horizon.

Due November 16 from Hydra Head, the EP bundles Jesu's first release, the out-of-print Heart Ache, with a brand new EP called Dethroned. Together, the release features six tracks and an hour playing time. In other words, it's the closest thing to a new Jesu album we can get for now. Stream "Dethroned" below.

Hydra Head has the double LP and CD up for pre-order here, alongside a limited white T-shirt featuring the album's artwork. A limited amount of white vinyl is available, and the T-shirt will never be reprinted, so Jesu super-fans should whip out their credit cards right now.

Heart Ache (disc one):

1. "Heart Ache"
2. "Ruined"

Dethroned (disc two):

1. "Dethroned"
2. "Annul"
3. "Aureated Skin"
4. "I Can Only Disappoint You"