Jesu and Isis Join Forces as Greymachine

Jesu and Isis Join Forces as Greymachine
You know Jesu, the band formed by former Godflesh mainstay Justin Broadrick? It's pretty heavy isn't it? You know Isis, the band lead by Aaron Turner? It's pretty heavy too. Imagine if both of those guys got together? That would be crushing. Well, imagine no more, the dudes have formed a new band called Greymachine.

Along with Jesu/Godflesh member Diarmuid Dalton and Head of David's Dave Cochrane, Broadrick and Turner will release the new group's debut full-length Disconnected via Hydra Head Records on August 4. Apparently, the music is even more cacophonous and doomy than one might expect, offering up a download of the 10-minute track "Vultures Descend" for us to make our own judgement call.

If you want to just take Hydra Head's word for it, "In summation, Greymachine sounds like a serious case of cyberbullying through the mind of an extremely autistic child living in an ever-shifting hadean landscape thronged with mindless militants, dilapidated cityscapes and ephemeral phantoms... so to summarize the summation, Disconnected is haunting and modern sounding... In a good way."


1. "Wolf at the Door"
2. "Vultures Descend"
3. "When Attention Just Ain't Enough"
4. "Wasted"
5. "We Are All Fucking Liars"
6. "Just Breathing"
7. "Sweatshop"
8. "Easy Pickings"