Jessica Rylan Can't — New Secret

Who guessed noise music could be so cute and sexy? Jessica Rylan obviously did, which is why her steady stream of releases captures her soulful and touching take on the harshest of mediums. Can’t — New Secret, available as a picture disc and a CD-R, is an ideal introduction to Rylan’s intense and emotionally naked intimacy, as she singsongs her meek and tender lines of verse through her homemade noise-box to endearing and arousing effect. Those already versed in noise’s history might hear a heavy Whitehouse influence, with love and intimacy taking the place of nihilistic lashing out, while the indie set could perceive Rylan as a noisier, more free-form counterpart to a female solo act such as the Blow. But regardless of her station in the modern music spectrum, Jessica Rylan is forging out a unique new direction in modern noise that’s all her own — her music is unabashedly and uninhibitedly personal and honest, as the small-town photos of her dog Brewster, her grandmother Pauline and her lovely garden that cover the picture disc LP clearly portray. Jessica Rylan naturally makes noise that’s tender, sweet and personable, and this is no simple feat. (RRR)