Jesse Zubot's Drip Audio Returns with New Album by Subtle Lip Can

Jesse Zubot's Drip Audio Returns with New Album by Subtle Lip Can
Esteemed Canadian violinist/producer Jesse Zubot's label Drip Audio has been in hibernation as of late, but it is emerging from its slumber with a new release. This will come from the musician brother's band Subtle Lip Can, who will release Reflective Drime on December 16.

This band is a trio featuring Joshua Zubot along with guitarist Bernard Falaise and drummer Isaiah Ceccarelli. They formed in 2007 and Reflective Drime is their second full-length, following an eponymous 2010 LP.

The new album sports an eccentric experimental sound, with a press release pointing to sonic touchstones like jazz saxophonist Art Pepper's Winter Moon, composer Morton Feldman's Triadic Memories and Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring. The announcement describes the record like this: "An esculent for audiophiles, Drime's refined spatial presence is quite palpable to the auditory nerve and as such, has the propensity to induce sporadic moments of subdued synaesthesia."

Below, listen to a few songs; "Rommer Chanks" is eight minutes of loud rustling with some fleeting tones, "Fliver Shame" resembles a horror movie soundscape with its eerie plinks, and "Siffer Shump" overlays Asiatic twangs with clanking sonic detritus.

The album is available to order on CD right here.