Jeremy Jay's Dream Diary Gets 2011 Release Date

Jeremy Jay's <i>Dream Diary</i> Gets 2011 Release Date
There's no question Jeremy Jay is a prolific artist, though he's not as speedy as we previously thought. Earlier this year, we reported that Jay would be dropping two albums in 2010, Splash and Dream Diary. Splash came out as planned but we've yet to hear release details for Dream Diary until now.

The 13-track album is slated for release on April 12 via K Records. The album's art is available above, while the tracklisting is below. Many tracks from the album can be streamed on Jay's MySpace page.

 It's not like Jay's been sitting around, twiddling his thumbs as he waits for Dream Diary to drop, however. In addition to some touring, he released a seven-inch on AMDiscs and found time to soundtrack the French film Belle Epine. "When I Met You" from the seven-inch and "Jet Stream" from the Belle Epine soundtrack can both be heard here.

Dream Diary:

1. "Out on the Highway"

2. "Caught in a Whirl"

3. "By the Rivers Edge"

4. "Secret Sounds"

5. "In The Times"

6. "Shayla"

7. "The Days of Casting Clouds Away"

8. "Its just a Walk in the Park"

9. "Our only Lite's a Flashlite"

10. "Whispers of the Heart"

11. "The Dream Diary Kids"

12. "Wild Orchids"

13. "The Man on the Mountain"