Jenny Mayhem "Wide Open" (video)

Jenny Mayhem 'Wide Open' (video)
Barbados-born folk singer Jenny Mayhem is now based in Toronto, and in her new video for "Wide Open," she pays tribute to her adopted hometown.

The clip was directed by Ace Billet and shot in Toronto landmark Honest Ed's, the dizzying bargain store with rows upon rows of everything you could ever want to buy, and more than its fair share of mirrors and staircases. Billet claims the bargain store was one of his first memorable "Toronto experiences." The video casts Mayhem as one of the store's staff members, whose daydreams of being a folk pop superstar prevent her from being an ideal employee.

Keep an eye out for some of Toronto's best-known magazines, including a shout-out to yours truly, Exclaim!, at the 1:40 mark.

Watch Jenny Mayhem's video for "Wide Open" below.

Jenny Mayhem ::: Wide Open from Jenny Mayhem on Vimeo.