Jenn Grant Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, September 21

Jenn Grant Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, September 21
Photo: Tiana Feng
As she reaches the last stretches of her tour, Jenn Grant is visibly itching to get back in the studio. A number of songs into the folk songwriter's set, she asked the audience for permission to perform one new track. The audience happily obliged. Then she performed a handful more newly written melodies.

On the heels of her 2012 release, The Beautiful Wild, Grant is now equipped with half a set of new material and is admittedly ready to press record on them as soon as November, after one last fall tour with Ron Sexsmith. The new tracks boast the same endearing vocals we know and love from Grant, pairing them with more keyboard-driven melodies and even an infectious, bouncing bass line on one of the previewed tracks.

Though Grant's music is often lush, layered and tightly executed, her banter allows the singer to let loose. As she warned the crowd of her pending crowd surfing plans, she almost immediately retracted these thoughts, citing them as inappropriate for a "soft rock folk concert, or whatever this is." We would favourably welcome this rebellion against concert genre norms, but alas, we are regaled with stories of her dancing upstairs at the Dance Cave prior to the show instead.

The show was predictably a fine affair of folk-rock fanfare, with Grant's voice being the undeniable standout of the night. Her cunning vocal range as she coos through cuts like "You'll Go Far" and the more country-tinged "The Fighter" is goose bumps-inducing, especially when accompanied by guest vocalist Julie Fader. Jenn Grant knows how to keep an audience spellbound and even dancing, through the soft rock folk tunes.

Jenn Grant, when you're ready with a new album and the urge to leap into the crowd with your guitar, we will be here to catch you.