Jello Biafra Machine Gun in the Clown's Hand

Another year, another triple-disc spoken word set from Jello. And this time he's hardly short of material, not with another Bush in office and a war looming. It's like Reagan all over again, and Jello's more than happy to remind us how many of the Iran-Contra criminals are back working in the White House. It seems the '80s are back in more ways than we'd like, and who better to walk us through them than Jello? While he can still slip too readily into easy caricature, Jello has also done his homework and makes a lot of terrifying links that make Bowling for Columbine look like the feel-good movie of the year. Still, it's easy to attack the shady status quo without offering any alternative other than "why can't we all get along?," and Jello almost admits as much. Thankfully, his haranguing is accompanied by his usual levity and on "12 Steps to a Corporate Free Society," he even attacks the more-radical-than-thou crowd who alienate moderates capable of making real change. (Alternative Tentacles)