Jeffery Straker "I Wanna Go Back There" (video)

Jeffery Straker 'I Wanna Go Back There' (video)
Canadian singer-songwriter Jeffery Straker released his latest LP North Star Falling last year, and now he's ready to unveil some brand new visuals for album cut "I Wanna Go Back There."
The song was co-written with Chris Burke-Gaffney and Arun Chaturvedi, and according to Straker, explores a yearning for a past relationship. "The voice is of wanting to go back to a specific place and time when things were incredible, but it's juxtaposed against a place where this is practically none of that left," he tells Exclaim! "It was recorded with a pretty sparse wide-open sound to reflect a kind of inner desolation."
It's only fitting then that the video reflects that vast blankness, opting to mimic the song's themes by capturing the wide-open wilderness on film. The clip was co-directed by Chris Triffo and Steve Allen, who were simultaneously shooting for reality show Nordic Lodge way up in northern Saskatchewan on Reindeer Lake.
In addition to the sparse yet beautiful natural scenery, the video showcases Straker with his primary instrument — the piano. Despite the realistic end results, the instrument actually had to be gutted to its shell and have its keys MacGyver-ed together with hair elastics in order to be transported onto the forest floor, and then what appears to be the middle of the lake.
See it all come together by checking out Exclaim!'s exclusive video premiere of "I Wanna Go Back There" in the player below right now.