Jeff Walker Und Die Fluffers Welcome To Carcass Cuntry

Renowned for his seminal "grunt work” with gore/grindcore power trio Carcass in the ’80s and ’90s, screamer/bassist Jeff Walker comes blasting out of leftfield with what could seemingly be the biggest mistake ever. Opting to throw the world of detuned caterwaulers and medical textbook lyricists onto their cochlea, Walker has pulled his buddies in former Carcass alumni Ken Owen and Bill Steer, Napalm Death’s Shane Embury and a host of other extreme musicians to help him scrounge together what could very well be the most amazing cover album to date. Retuning a collection of country — yes, country — songs including "The Man Comes Around,” "I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and more, Walker hits the country fad square between the eyes and comes out smiling. The important point of note here is that Walker has managed to stay true not only to the likes of Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Hank Williams Sr., John Denver and Neil Young, but also to himself. Realising that his feet are solidified in the immovable block of metal, he has opted to infuse subtle elements of his own gravelly voice, pig-squealing guitars and general sneer to produce an album that just fucking rocks. The overall atmosphere is refreshing rather than overbearing and because Walker is the adventurous sort, his own dry British humour creeps into tracks and he still manages to stretch out and challenge himself à la falsetto "Rocky Mountain High.” Fun and amusing, it’s the best welcome to any "cuntry,” let alone that of Carcass. (Fractured Transmitter)