Jeff Tweedy Defends "Dad Rock" Tag

Jeff Tweedy Defends "Dad Rock" Tag
While the music of Wilco has touched countless age groups and types of people, one common thread through every live performance of the band is most certainly the hip dad, all socks with sandals and freshly updated iPhone apps. While the term "dad rock" is thrown around as a sort of joking diss, frontman Jeff Tweedy has decided he likes it.

Speaking with Men's Journal, Tweedy decided to embrace the term with the following statement:

I recently had a revelation about it: When people say dad rock, they actually just mean rock. There are a lot of things today that don't have anything to do with rock music, so when people hear something that makes them think, "This is derived from some sort of continuation of the rock ethos," it gets labelled dad rock. And, to me, those people are misguided. I don't find anything undignified about being a dad or being rocking, you know?

Tweedy continued by explaining that he'd rather age gracefully than try to be a youthful rocker forever. "If I picture what playing well into my 60s or 70s would look like, it would be more like John Prine or Leonard Cohen -- people who have been allowed to grow old. The Rolling Stones haven't been allowed to grow old. Their fans demand that they continue to live up to that spectacle all the time. But they're all freaks of nature, you know?"

Wilco's The Whole Love is available now. Maybe your dad will lend you his copy if you do your chores.