Jeff Dahl Pancake 31

The day Jeff Dahl keels over to eat dirt in his final resting place will be the day that he finally attains his legendary rock'n'roll status. That will also be the day that his prolific career ceases to be. Jeff Dahl's love for rock'n'roll has led him from the infamous Angry Samoans, to Vox Pop, to Powertrip, and his solo efforts. With that said, he is no stranger to rock'n'roll, and neither is his latest release, Pancake 31. This time around, Jeff has taken a slight departure from the musical direction on his glitter-rock inspired French Cough Syrup to more of a '70s glam, rhythm and blues, early Detroit punk-influenced sound. At times the music is just sweet, straight ahead rock'n'roll, but then again, finding straight ahead rock'n'roll these days is like trying to find an honest politician. Moreover, the ten tracks performed on Pancake 31 were not only written and recorded by Jeff Dahl, but he also played every instrument on this release. Tracks like "Beyond Redemption," "Last of the Red Hot Cocksuckers," "Ashes," "Girls I Used" and "X-Punkrocker" spit rock'n'roll glory in the face of the listener. (Triple X)