Jean-Michel Jarre Taps David Lynch, Julia Holter, Gary Numan for 'Electronica Part 2'

Jean-Michel Jarre Taps David Lynch, Julia Holter, Gary Numan for 'Electronica Part 2'
Electronic music guru Jean-Michel Jarre hasn't even hit us with his guests-loaded Electronica Part 1: The Time Machine LP yet, but as that title may have tipped you off, he's already got a Part 2 in the works. Featuring contributions from the likes of movie master/music experimentalist David Lynch, rising conceptualist Julia Holter, synth-pop pleasure-puss Gary Numan and more, the record is now apparently due sometime next April.

As previously reported, the first instalment finds the Oxygène great sharing breathing space with a multi-generational cross section of collaborators, including Laurie Anderson, John Carpenter, Air, Depeche Mode's Vince Clarke, M83 and more. The follow-up is likewise a group effort, but Jarre has been quick to point out that pushing players like Lynch or composer Hans Zimmer onto the second record isn't a reflection on the overall quality of Electronica.

"To be clear, the artists on the second are not there due to some sort of hierarchy," Jarre told FACT, "but just because some tracks I had not finished, so I said they'd be on the second one. There are plenty of interesting people; Gary Numan and David Lynch and Hans Zimmer and Julia Holter… Different people covering four decades of electronic music who are all a source of inspiration to me, and who I feel I share a special link with."

Though it has yet to be explained in full, Jarre also noted that he'll be presenting "four or five tracks from each album in audio 3D."

As noted earlier, Electronica Part 1: The Time Machine drops ahead of its sister set on October 16 via Ultra. You'll find a trailer for the first portion of the project down below.