Jean-Michel Jarre "Glory" (ft. M83)

Jean-Michel Jarre "Glory" (ft. M83)
Earlier this week, we'd learned that electronic music great Jean-Michel Jarre was collaborating with a number of artists on some new material. One such figure was M83 (a.k.a. Anthony Gonzalez), and the full version of the pair's tag-team track "Glory" has now gone live for us to bask in.

The song is a stadium-sized anthem, and it's full of vintage synth ripples, hard-swung beats, military drum rolls, and a breathy barrage of gang vocals. The track meshes together the aesthetics of both Jarre and M83, with the latter explaining in a press statement how much of a force the Oxygéne artist was on his own music.

"He was playing with his synths and I was blown away with the sound and the look of his synthesizers," Gonzalez said. "It looked so futuristic to me, I was just hooked by the melodies and the power of his music right away."

Jarre, meanwhile, added that he was glad he nabbed Gonzalez for the track.

"I really wanted him to sing because what I like in his vocal is that he uses his voice not only like a singer, but like somebody who's using an instrument," Jarre said in a statement. "I love the ambiguity between natural sound and how he processes the vocals."

You'll find the track down below, while it can also be bought on iTunes.

As previously reported, Jarre will be releasing a series of 12-inch singles on June 19. Along with M83, they feature Tangerine Dream and Massive Attack. You can learn more about the series here. "Glory" will also appear on Jarre's upcoming studio album, which has yet to firm up a release date.