JD Walker Our Condition

This short EP starts off slowly with simple, mellow production from Blucyde on the title track. And while Walker's opening verse about a Big Wheel and bullies is strangely engaging, while guest Lifelike tries to hype the track up, it remains the weakest of the songs. JD Walker gets darker on the Merk-produced "Heartburn Revisited," with some lyrics about the negative aspects of life (the major subject matter of the album) and the help of lo-fi vocal distortion. Lifelike also gets behind the boards for "Lullaby," another slow jam that channels the spirit of Awol One, and I'm not complaining. But it's halfway into the EP when JD Walker hits his stride with "Omen," another track produced by Blucyde, along with Logan. With cuts by Gabefm and a great sing-song flow from Walker, it sets high standards, which he upholds on "Picture Window Suicide," a sort of hidden track. This is followed by the last of the vocal tracks, an indie rock-meets-hip-hop blend in the vein of Beck entitled "Untitled." The last three tracks are instrumentals of the first three tracks, but I don't care how good the beats are, save the instrumentals for the vinyl and give me more songs; I'd appreciated it more. (No)