JD Era "Candy" (Cameo cover)

JD Era 'Candy' (Cameo cover)
JD Era is about ready to give you a heart attack with his latest #EraFriday single, and if you're a fan of Cameo it's the kind you'll like. This week's freebie is a remix of the funk-pop group's super-sweet 1986 single, "Candy."

While Larry Blackmon spent his time atop the staccato keys-and-guitars arrangement singing about strawberries, raspberries and all those good things, JD Era gets a little more racy with his newly added bars. Some of the sugary innuendos he serves up include lollipop licking sessions with caramel mommies, hitting up some of that cinnamon swirl, and more. Perhaps most disturbingly, he also busts out a quip about opening up a lady like a Pez dispenser, which we're really hoping is not an allusion to some sort of snuff-style neck wound action.

You can gobble up JD Era's "Candy" remix down below.