Jay Z Gets His Own Brand of Soda

Jay Z Gets His Own Brand of Soda
Soda giants are going to need to watch their thrones, apparently, as Jay Z has jumped into the soft drink game. The hip-hop star's new signature pop 40/40 is already selling in stores down in the U.S., via a promotion project steered by former Def Jam president Kevin Liles.

Forbes reports that Liles' Go N'Syde venture has placed the pop, named after Jay Z's chain of night clubs, into 7,500 Duane Reade and Walgreens stores across the U.S., with the drink apparently having sold 1,000 bottles a week since launching in late May.

The product is described as an Arnold Palmer-esque drink (i.e., a mix of pink lemonade and iced tea) for "sports-loving males." There's also a multimedia to the bottles, with the bottles containing technology that will let smartphone users access to exclusive Jay Z content.

"We have great tasting beverage," Liles said in a statement. "But the second part of it is providing a new network for the brands or icons to communicate with their fans. I call it disrupting the consumer packaged goods industry by having your products actually talk to you."

A second drink from Go N'Syde called "Butterfly" is co-signed by Mariah Carey. It's unclear at present if the drinks will be made available in Canada, though 40/40 is also reportedly available at Jay Z's clubs.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.