Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds Get Best-Of Compilation

Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds Get Best-Of Compilation
Last year, garage punk icon Jay Reatard tragically passed away at the age of 29. As could be expected, his rich discography is being rediscovered by old fans and a new audience via a plethora of new releases. Following the recent reissue of his debut album as the Reatards, Jay's synth-heavy punk band, the Lost Sounds, will be getting a greatest-hits compilation from Fat Possum.

The release is called Blac Static and collects the best material from three of the Lost Sounds' four albums, as selected by singer Alicja Trout and drummer Rich Crook. While that's hardly special news for fans of the Lost Sounds who already own all three releases, the LP will also include an unreleased demo of the song "I Sit I Watch I Wait."

Blac Static will be available on vinyl on July 19. The tracklisting is available below.

Blac Static:

 1. "1620 Echles St."

2. "I'm Not a Machine"

3. "Black Coats/Whitefear"

4. "It's My Dream"

5. "Plastic Skin"

6. "Dark Shadows"

7. "Rats Brains & Microchips"

8. "Energy Drink & the Long Walk Home"

9. "You Don't Know Remote Control"

10. "Reasons To Kill"

11. "Satan Bought Me"

12. "Radon Flows"

13. "Soul 4 Sale"

14. "I Sit I Watch I Wait" (demo)