Jay Reatard Singles 06-07 Comp Set For June 24 Release

Jay Reatard <i>Singles 06-07</i> Comp Set For June 24 Release
Keeping up with Memphis garage punk Jay Reatard is almost a full-time job. During the last few years, the prolific Reatard released a dizzying amount of seven-inch singles — all highly limited, many impossible to track down — and jumped from label to label to label before finally settling down, for now, at Matador Records. Needless to say, it’s been no picnic being a Reatard completist.

Come June 24, however, it will get just a bit easier with the release of Singles 06-07, which, as you can likely guess from the title, gathers up most of Reatard’s pre-Matador 45s in one convenient package. Along with 17 seven-inch-culled tracks, the compilation also comes packing a DVD featuring four concerts taped in Philadelphia, Las Vegas, New York and somewhere in the Netherlands. (Sorry, the Toronto fistfight show is not included.)

And if all this sounds appealing to you, a similar CD collection is slated for sometime in September, which will collect all the seven-inches Reatard has been releasing via Matador over the last few months, as well as some more concert footage slapped onto a DVD. However, there is still no confirmed date on Reatard’s proper Matador full-length, with only rumours floating around of an early 2009 release.

Here is the tracklisting for Singles 06-07 due out through In the Red, followed by Reatard’s upcoming tour dates:

Singles 06-07:

1. Night Of Broken Glass
2. Another Person
3. All Over Again
4. Feeling Blank Again
5. I Know A Place
6. Don't Let Him Come Back
7. Hammer I Miss You
8. It's So Useless
9. All Wasted
10. In The Dark
11. Searching For You
12. Haunting You
13. Let It All Go
14. Blood Visions
15. Turning Blue
16. It's So Easy
17. Oh It's Such A Shame