Jay Reatard / Deerhunter "Fluorescent Grey / Oh, It's Such A Shame"

Jay Reatard / Deerhunter "Fluorescent Grey / Oh, It's Such A Shame"
Jay Reatard's ambitious seven-inch experiment for Matador hasn't exactly held its initial buzz since it was first announced, but the tireless road warrior has travelled to every corner of the earth in 2008 so far, keeping his name fresh in everyone's minds, especially those in Toronto.

The fourth instalment in his singles series finds the most alluring slice of already-sold-out-vinyl yet, thanks to his pals in Deerhunter, who have swapped songs with Mr. Reatard. Their take on "Oh, It's Such A Shame" from 2006's Blood Visions, has actually been making the rounds online ever since Bradford Cox put it up on his blog, though listing it as an Atlas Sound recording. It's fantastically muddy, and almost inaudible, even for demo quality, which leads me to believe it is in fact Deerhunter.

Jay's cover of their "Fluorescent Grey," lifted from last year's EP of the same name, is the more satisfying of the two. Jay patiently goes through the motions sans the original's tornado of pedal effects, instead going for a more shitgaze than shoegaze approach, using some natural hiss and keeping himself in check without indulging in his trademark freak outs - even when the moment calls for it.

He keeps saying he's looking to constantly switch up his sound, and that's pretty obvious here.

Jay Reatard "Fluorescent Grey"

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