Jay Arner "Out to Lunch" (video)

Jay Arner 'Out to Lunch' (video)
While Jay Arner doesn't hang out shirtless enough for us to verify this, we're pretty sure the six-packed Adonis version of him strutting along the beach in the Reboot-styled computer-animated video behind his "Out to Lunch" single is some wishful thinking on the part of Vancouver's current gloss-pop prince.

Directed by Fred and Sharon Spencer — the folks behind the "Who Needs a Movie?" clip — the video features all sorts of strangeness, from the aforementioned sandy stroll shared between Arner and keyboardist Jessica Delisle, to the band leader's wispy dance through tall blades of grass, to a full-band jam in front of an aortic valve.

"Fred and Sharon are two very talented and uniquely strange digital moviemakers from Kelowna, British Columbia," Arner said in a statement of the video's genesis. "I have no idea where their inspiration comes from, how they work, what computer programs they use, or if they use a computer at all. Trying to give direction on this video would have been like trying to ride a dragon (not necessary), so we just gave them the music, some photos of our band, and went 'go crazy!' So in this video I have abs."