Jay Alansky Les Yeux Crevés

Best known for his pioneering down-tempo work as A Reminiscent Drive, Jay Alansky has crafted a darkly beautiful excursion through Balearic lounge, alien soundscapes and whispered intimations on Les Yeux Crevés. Opener "Un Maximum de Lumière” slinks across the moonlit cobblestones of Parisian back alleys. "Schmaltz” is the aftermath of a night of drunken fornication between Moby and Kid 606. Using minimalist down-tempo as a foundation, Alansky takes off on several tangents, from the intimate acoustic number, "My Life On Porn,” to the sublime synths and gentle drum patter of the heavenly "Nan.” Bravely eclectic, Les Yeux Crevés is a collection of deceptively simple tracks whose true dimensions are revealed only after multiple listens. (F Communications)