Jay-Z Sues Red Sox's David Ortiz over Nightclub Name

Jay-Z Sues Red Sox's David Ortiz over Nightclub Name
The long-running Yankee/Red Sox rivalry is getting out of control. Avid New York Yankee supporter Jay-Z and business partner Juan Perez are suing Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz for five-million in a lawsuit that claims Ortiz stole the name of Jay-Z's nightclub chain for the baseball star's Dominican bar.

It's definitely a bit muddy, but the lawsuit - filed Thursday (April 15), according to Rolling Stone - states that Jay-Z wants Ortiz to change the name of his homeland's night club. Jay-Z's clubs go under the name the 40/40 Club, while Ortiz's is the Forty/Forty Club.

Jay-Z's lawyer told the New York Daily News that Ortiz has visited Jay-Z's club "at least twice," and enjoyed it so much he took the name to capitalize on the popularity of Jigga's clubs.

The lawsuit, as reprinted from Rolling Stone, states that "[Jay-Z and Perez] have accused Ortiz of trading on the fame, value and goodwill of their name through his club Forty/Forty and its website, www.fortyforty.net, which they say has caused their business 'marketplace confusion and damage.'"

Both clubs are named after baseball's 40/40 club, which is for players who have stolen 40 bases and hit 40 homers in one season. This club only has four people in it and Big Papi, as Ortiz is known, certainly isn't one of them - he's only stole 10 bases in his entire career. So while the stealing of a nightclub name is up in the air, we do know that stealing bases is not Ortiz's forte.

In related news, Jay-Z will be headlining tonight's (April 16) festivities at Coachella.