Jay-Z Sued by Airline for Unpaid $250,000 Jet Bill

Jay-Z Sued by Airline for Unpaid $250,000 Jet Bill
From unpaid royalties to weapon and drug charges, it's not uncommon for famous rappers to face very public legal issues. When you're an insanely rich mogul like Jay-Z, however, you enter a new arena of trouble. Take, for example, the lawsuit he was served from Air Platinum Holding for allegedly owing a total of $250,000 in private jet fees.

 Air Platinum accuses Hova for flying a total of 18 hours in 2009, which really adds up when you consider that the service costs $4,500 an hour. On top of the hourly rate, TMZ listed the breakdown of allegedly unpaid fees, which are as follows:

-18 hours of flight time at $4,500 per hour (discounted from $6,000 per hour) ... $81,000

- Catering for 17 domestic flights ($500 per flight) .... $8,500

- Catering for 4 international flights ($750 per flight) ... $3,000

- International fees ... $8,500

-Taxes ... $12,285

- Luxury trip to England ... $24,200

Jay-Z likely keeps that kind of spending cheddar in his sock drawer, but we can't help feeling a little concerned about this kind of absurd spending. TMZ tried to get in touch with Jay-Z's reps but received no answer, possibly because they were fashioning an airplane out of crisp $100 bills for the rapper.