Jay-Z Confirms/Explains His Roc Nation Deal with Sony and Atlantic

Jay-Z Confirms/Explains His Roc Nation Deal with Sony and Atlantic
As we previously reported, Jay-Z has been doing some wheelin' and dealin' recently, having bought himself out of his Def Jam contract for some other ventures. Among them is his new deal with Sony Records, which will distribute his Roc Nation imprint. It's a little confusing, then, that Jay's hugely anticipated Blueprint 3 will be hitting via Atlantic. In a recent interview with Billboard, Hova took the time to explain the goings-on.

"Sony is Roc Nation. That's where Roc Nation's going through," the rapper said. So why is Blueprint 3 not on Sony? "That's pretty much just for this specific album. Roc Nation - we're experts in marketing and making records. But we do distribution deals... On this one, we're working directly with the Atlantic staff, which is Julie [Greenwald], Lyor [Cohen], Kevin [Liles] and Kyse [Mike Kyser]. For the rest of the Roc Nation artists, we did a distribution deal with Sony."

He goes on to explain that he had initially proposed this idea to Def Jam, which was not too keen on it, thus leading to his departure. "You have to figure, this is like four years ago, and to them it was just like, 'Are you crazy? No! Make a song!'... To me it was like, I've sold companies for huge amounts of money. I'm an entrepreneur - that's what I've been all my life. I can't just sit here and make records and not do anything else. Why wouldn't you want to do this with me? I felt under-utilized."

Still don't understand? Basically, Jay-Z is unspeakably rich, and smart enough to keep getting richer.

The Blueprint 3 is scheduled to be released on September 11, exactly eight years after the release of the original Blueprint album.