Javelin Hi Beams

JavelinHi Beams
There's an innate DIY sensibility that has always been associated with Brooklyn, NY electronic duo Javelin. Their previous releases have been characterized by their cut-and-paste approach of recreating, splicing and reassembling music of all genres, somehow producing neat, precise dance-pop confections. On second full-length, Hi Beams, cousins Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford left their home set-ups for a proper studio space, employing better microphones, amps and mixing boards to create songs that are more elaborate and polished, yet still boast the vibrancy they've become known for. "Airfield" sounds like a lost Phoenix track, whereas the jittery rhythms of "I'Ocean" encompass everything that works well in a modern day pop song, before quickly spiralling out of control at the end, as if it was tripping on its sugar rush. In the world of Javelin, we are treated to a smorgasbord of pop's finest elements, blended together in a dizzying melting pot of ideas that could've easily failed, but surprisingly and pleasantly succeeds. (Luaka Bop)