Jason Forrest Shamelessly Exciting

Formerly known as Donna Summer, master masher Jason Forrest turned a lot of heads with last year’s breakcore opus The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash. With little time wasted, this member of the Cock Rock Disco breakcore collective has made a quick turnaround with another bouncing blend of beats galore that sample every facet of music imaginable. So when he titles a song "My 36 Favourite Punk Songs,” he gives you exactly what he says — snippets from every one of his favourite punk songs colliding into a mashed-up gorgeous mess that is melded so nicely the concept works without causing any headaches. And that’s the thing about Forrest, no matter how insane and jam-packed his busy breakcore gets, it never descends into the nauseating difficulty that its cousin drill’n’bass suffers from. With unlikely guest appearances from David Grubbs (piano on "The Walls of the City Shake”) and Laura Cantrell, who turns "Nightclothes and Headphones” into a pensively blissful psych-out, it’s apparent Forrest is looking to build on his status as an underground IDM hero and Shamelessly Exciting is just the ambitious record to do so. (Sonig)