Japanese Popstars "Delboy's Revenge"/"Sample Whore"

Japanese Popstars "Delboy's Revenge"/"Sample Whore"
Japanese Popstars look like they belong on the cover of NME, or even Smash Hits, as the next big clean-cut, well-groomed, pseudo indie band to provide a touching song for your guiltily pleasurable TV show's defining moment. But they are not. Their name sounds like they're big in, well, Japan, or even from there but like Tokyo Police Club, Japanese they are not. Instead this inaccurately named trio are three lads from Derry, Northern Ireland, who don't make pop but gigantic throwback club bangers.

Gary, Decky and Galo are the three knob-turners (ahem) in question, and they fucking love to climax. Draw what you will from that, but their singles are massive rave anthems that borrow as much from Orbital and the Chemical Brothers as they do of-the-era artists like Utah Saints and the Shamen.

With the release of their debut album, We Just Are, just around the corner (which is riding a wave of hype thanks to Popjustice), the Popstars should ready themselves for massive dance floor, make that stadium riots and complete oversaturation, as I fully expect these guys to be mega.

Judging by early singles "Delboy's Revenge" (which along with "Rodney Trotter" give a nice nod to Only Fools and Horses) and "Sample Whore" there's no room for subtlety in their camp. The former comes at you with full adrenaline, flexing the sort of strength you'd find at Muscle Beach, dipping in and out of rave-y climaxes to ensure repeated moments of shit-losing. The latter, meanwhile, builds and builds to find its momentum, sounding very much like the Chemicals block rockin' party, before it explodes into an orgy of sex-minded vocal samples, tidal waves and heavy breaks. Nowadays Ed and Tom could learn a thing or two from these dudes...

"Delboy's Revenge"

"Sample Whore"