Januaries Januaries

Sex sells, and that is why the Januaries would like to convince you that they make extremely sexy music. They even go as far as to say that no one has managed to produce music this sensual since Barry White, and that is a very brave statement. It is also a patently untrue statement because this is more like French pop music, circa 1968 via Los Angeles, with some other exotic sounds thrown in for good measure - there's the fashionable Brazilian rhythms and a generous smattering of brass, too. The whole album has a real continental feel, with many of the songs having a rich, heavily orchestrated sound. The songs that stray too far from that formula are the ones that are the least memorable, because they could be by just about any female-fronted band. But when they make the most of their authentic '60s sound, complete with fuzzy guitars, then everything really does come together - "Black Transmission" is the definite high point of the CD. The Januaries have enough talent and good songs to make their album worth a listen, but it lacks that certain something that will keep you coming back again and again. I suppose that the majority of pop music is on the disposable side, but there should be more substance than is present here. (Foodchain)