Janet Jackson "No Sleeep" (remix, ft. J. Cole)

Janet Jackson "No Sleeep" (remix, ft. J. Cole)
Self-described "Queen of Insomnia" Janet Jackson already has plenty of people staying up all night to listen to her new "No Sleeep" single, but the velvety R&B jam has now been tweaked-up to include a verse from hip-hop artist J. Cole. You can cuddle up to the newly collaborative cut via an online stream.

The remix still features the pillow-soft groove of the original, which has Ms. Jackson detailing dreams and desires above satin-smooth electric piano lines and a deep bump of bass.

Cole adds a few ad-libs before dropping into a high thread count guest verse weighing in on a slanted relationship. While his subject's "real life" differs than his time spent on the road, and Cole notes that too much sugar can ruin a smile, he eventually flips things into optimistic territory with a succession of other food-related bars.

Is the Jackson-and-Cole connection as good a pairing as hot eats and cool treats? You can find out by giving the song a stream down below.

Jackson has yet to detail her apparently on-the-way LP, but she starts her "Unbreakable World Tour" in August. You'll find the show schedule here.