Jane's Addiction "End to the Lies"

Jane's Addiction 'End to the Lies'
If you thought the concept of Duff McKagan playing on a Jane's Addiction album was too good to be true, well, you were right. Duff split from the long-running alt-rockers a while back. In his stead, however, is TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, who is playing bass, guitar and co-writing the group's upcoming The Great Escape Artist. Clearly the celebrated rock'n'roll soundscape artist had his hands in the crafting of "End to the Lies," a new tune that band leader Perry Farrell recently premiered on Chilean radio.

While the heavy number grooves like Jane's of yore, the heady swirls of white noise and guitar fuzz seem straight out of Sitek's school of production. Farrell, meanwhile, keeps up that enchanting, effete wail that we still can't get enough of.

Don't mind the Chilean DJ popping in every now and again on the broadcast. We figure they will chop that out by the time The Great Escape Artist comes out sometime this summer.

Give "End to the Lies" a listen over on Antiquiet or in the player below.