Jane Weaver "I Need a Connection" (video)

Jane Weaver 'I Need a Connection' (video)
Since playing in the bands Kill Laura and Misty Dixon, English songwriter Jane Weaver has gone solo in recent years. Earlier this year, she reissued her 2014 album The Silver Globe along with a second disc called The Amber Light, and now that expanded collection's "I Need a Connection" has gotten a video.

The video, directed by Weaver's husband Andy Votel (who runs the label Finders Keepers), appears to have been made out of paper cutouts. It shows an illustrated Weaver wearing a superhero costume while delivering the lyrics via speech bubbles and appearing in front of an array of backgrounds. The fact that Weaver's cutout is expressionless helps to emphasize the steely tone of this synth-pop track, which buzzed forward on a hypnotic, krautrock groove.

Check out the compelling clip below.