Jandek Six and Six

This is the music of the legendary Jandek, who has been making music and releasing it through Corwood Industries for well over 20 years. I suppose he would qualify as the most eccentric musician out there, as he does not do interviews and no one has ever met him and wrote about it apart from one journalist from Houston, TX, who is still not 100 percent sure if it was Jandek she spoke to. Six and Six is a CD re-release of Jandek's earlier material, comprised of an unconventionally tuned guitar and intimate vocals. The apparent stream of consciousness words are comprised of cabaret styles, fragments of spoken word poetry and ballad-like digressions. For the most part, Jandek's guitar strumming seems disconnected - deliberately avoiding conventional melody - plucking the odd string to accentuate a phrase or lyrical point. The best analogy I could come up with is the oracles of the Roman Empire era, that would breathe in volcanic ashes and let their intoxicated minds and utterances run free. The questioners of the oracles would sift through the chaotic words and expressions and try to make relevant sense of it. Though Jandek does not sound intoxicated, his musical expressions certainly do seem free and unencumbered. Jandek is a deeply original and uncompromising artist, whether his music is agreeable is open to debate, but it certainly is refreshing. (Corwood)