Jamie Woon Mirrorwriting

Jamie WoonMirrorwriting
British singer-songwriter Jamie Woon comes out with Mirrorwriting, a polished, soulful electronic album that took the 28-year-old three years to perfect. His fame has skyrocketed since his collaborations with Burial hit the blogosphere and his recent acknowledgment on BBC Sound of 2011, which highlighted him, alongside James Blake, as one of the most promising new emerging artists. Mirrorwriting opens with co-produced Burial track "Night Air," a nocturnal, tender, rocking groove propelled forward by Woon's soulful vocals and mystically intimate vulnerability. "Lady Luck" is a flawlessly crafted pop song, with sparse percussion layers and R&B harmonies. "Shoulda" is about two people wanting to sort out a problem, but sadly accepting you can't. Jamie describes himself as a private person, "I don't set out to talk about my business in public, but when songs are done, you can't get around it. They are like a code, and all you need is a mirror to read it." Jamie Woon's soulful warmth and his chilling post-dubstep beats unite for the ultimate pop execution. (Polydor)