Jamie Teasdale's Kuedo Project Announces Planet Mu Debut

Jamie Teasdale's Kuedo Project Announces Planet Mu Debut
Berlin-based electronic artist Jamie Teasdale used to perform as one half of the duo Vex'd, but has broken out on his own under the name Kuedo. Now, he's announced plans for the debut Kuedo album.

The record is called Severant, and a press release explains that Teasdale chose to produce these tracks as quick as possible, with little obsessive tweaking, "to reveal a lighter, more truthful music, as he puts it: 'On the side of modernism.'"

The press release continues by likening the album to the synth soundtracks of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. As Teasdale explains, "I wanted to capture a really futurist sentiment, kind of melancholy and grand luminescent, so I used the instrument that most evokes that for me -- that sweeping Vangelis brass sound."

At the same time, he apparently draws equal inspiration from the coke rap of the Clipse, looking to them for drum ideas and badass fantasies.

Planet Mu will release Severant in North America on November 8 on CD and vinyl. A handful of tracks from the album can be streamed below.


1. "Visioning Shared Tomorrows"
2. "Ant City"
3. "Whisper Fate"
4. "Onset (Escapism)"
5. "Scissors"
6. "Truth Flood"
7. "Reality Drift"
8. "Ascension Phase"
9. "Salt Lake Cuts"
10. "Seeing The Edges"
11. "Flight Path"
12. "Shutter Light Girl"
13. "Vectoral"
14. "As We Lie Promising"
15. "Memory Rain"

Kuedo - 'Severant' Sampler by Planet Mu Records