Jamie Lidell Previews New Music via Teaser Video

Jamie Lidell Previews New Music via Teaser Video
It's been two and a half years since English funk and dance explorer Jamie Lidell launched his Compass LP, but it looks as if he has something in the works for a follow-up. A new teaser vid for an as-yet-unspecified project has been launched by his label Warp.

Musically, the clip features some skronky synth twists, a positively destructive slow-snap and what might be a computer-saturated vocal sample stating "yeah," while visually you get a panoply of geometric shapes seemingly mapping out Lidell's mug. The vid closes with a textual confirmation that the music is indeed from Jamie Lidell, and the YouTube page lists that something is "coming soon."

While Lidell tweeted the vid, he has yet to specify exactly what's going on. He has, however, been posting the odd studio pic on his Facebook profile the last couple of weeks.

More news when we have it, but keep your fingers crossed that an album announcement is on the way.
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