Jamie Lidell Jamie Lidell

Jamie LidellJamie Lidell
The first thing you're going to do after hitting play on Jamie Lidell's self-titled album is slide across the floor and rip off your shirt. The second (awkwardly enough) is call your mom to prove you in fact do know good music. Lidell kicks off his self-titled album with "I'm Selfish," a track so funky it sounds like a Morris Day and the Time cover. Lidell, who's notorious for his experimental sound, delivers 11 electro-funk songs over live instrumentation and plenty of talk-box vocals. This consistency is the only criticism, since today's charts favour versatility as much as musicality. But seeing as this is Lidell's seventh album, as well as the year of his 40th birthday, being thorough more than likely charts above being complex in his books. Jamie Lidell is a stunningly entertaining album and an exemplary ode to the good ol' days. (Warp)