Jamie Fielding Radiator

The live tracks here feature Fielding's brilliant no-wave band Extinkt, recorded at the Evil Star Hotel. The late Australian's genius shows in the fearless and inventive manner in which he fused unlikely musical idioms into a startling chemical soup. Who else has so energetically merged free and modal jazz forms into a unique idiom driven by a deepening engagement with goth-punk and no-wave industrial beats? Fileding's fertile fusion of samples and free improvisation results in a vibrant virtuosity, from the processed trombone voicing of "Pointing Bone," "Home Brewing" and "Kelvinator II," to the punk energy of "Kill It." It will be easy for jazz purists to miss Fielding's wild achievement here as he transforms Coltrane's "Sheets Of Sound" into "Sheets Of White Noise." Singer Sybilla adds her ferocious punk energy to "Here and Beyond Sensitivity," "Kill It," "Sally's Thing" and "Exit Mollusc And Dromedary," while Fielding's uncompromising scope confirms a unique ability to create fresh and ominous forms out of a vibrant street aesthetic. (Dr. Jim's)